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Posted by Karen

July 11, 2014


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We’re Pumped about Tableau 8.2

As a premier Tableau partner we’re really excited about the recent launch of Tableau 8.2. If you haven’t already explored the many new capabilities across the Tableau product line, it’s definitely worthwhile! Here are some highlights:

Mac OS Version of Tableau Desktop

All you diehard Mac users can now enjoy the awesome capabilities of Tableau Desktop with the new Mac OS version. This leading business analytics and data visualization tool allows decision makers to discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimizing demands on IT staff.

The most popular data sources will be available for the Mac version including Excel, text files, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, Vertica, Hadoop and Tableau Server data.

By the way, the Mac OS version of Tableau is now available for trial! If you have an existing licence for Tableau Desktop on Windows, it will allow you to use the Mac version.

Maps – Rebuilt from Ground Level

Maps have received a major overhaul in version 8.2. Redesigned in collaboration with Stamen Design (renowned for expertise in compelling interactive design) and powered by OpenStreetMap, Tableau’s mapping functionality has been impressively enhanced.

Here are the mapping features that “wowed” us in the new release.map image
New Worldwide Data: 50 gigabytes of spatial data, almost 24,000 cities, 1 million translated place names and synonyms, over 21 million miles of roads



High Resolution: high-DPI optimized map tiles with 4 times more pixels than regular map tiles and intermediate zoom levels provide the ultimate in clarity

In House Mapping Service: Tableau now hosts in house mapping service which means faster load times for you and more frequent content updates. Mapping servers can now be distributed globally, so the experience is consistent worldwide.

Better Browser Experience: Tableau is now integrating with Leaflet Javascript library to make drilling down faster and more responsive on every device. Instead of having the entire map image on Tableau Server, individual map tiles are sent directly to your browser as required to accelerate map tile streaming. In addition, much more responsive marks have been added to maps.
You can test drive the fabulous new mapping capabilities by downloading a Free Trial of Tableau Desktop 8.2 here.

Redesigned Data Connection Experience

The redesign features a new visual data window to enable you to drag a table onto the canvas to preview it and then visually connect it to other data. This more intuitive and visual “Connect to Data” element allows you to easily verify whether you have joined your data correctly.Data connection
Other new data connection features include the ability to rename a data source, delete tables, ad data source filters, change a field name or data type and switch from a live connection to a data extract.

We Love Story Points

Tableau’s new Story Points will make interactive data driven stories more captivating by allowing you to add narrative to visualizations and dashboards. The dashboard/story can be broken into individual storyboards to explain the salient points and guide viewers through the story. Story Points allow you to capture key elements of the viz such as annotations, highlights and filters as well as add descriptions to emphasize the important insights.story points



We’re pumped about Story Points because they provide the additional context required to improve communication and comprehension of the valuable information contained in dashboards. The stories can be published on Tableau Server, Tableau Online or Tableau Public to allow to viewers to further explore and interact with the data. Stories can also be be printed on pdf for distribution.

You can request a demonstration of the new features in Tableau 8.2 here, or get a Free Trial of Tableau Desktop 8.2 and try it out yourself!

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