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Posted by Karen

May 31, 2012


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Webinar – A Step by Step Approach to Actionable KPIs

A Step by Step Approach to Actionable KPIs  – Learn how well designed KPI’s immediately inform how your website is performing. This webinar presents a real world methodology to build relevant KPIs that provide direct feedback on the success of your website and organization.


  • Why have a formal KPI methodology?
  •  Identifying appropriate KPIs
  •  Providing context – not just raw figures but relative figures measured & compared over time
  • Building a framework for calculating and distributing KPIs
  • Defining KPIs to provide actionable information on marketing campaigns and other conversion events
  • Creating well-designed KPIs that provide reliable and measurable progress reporting
  • Real world examples to demonstrate how you can use this thorough and practical methodology

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