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Client Success Story – BioSyent Inc.

Client Success Story – BioSyent Inc.

“We now have a number of staff that are competent in Tableau Desktop and regularly churn out ad-hoc dashboards in a fraction of the time it took to create similar reports from Excel and manual data-pulls from our CRM and ERP databases,” – Daniel Malinov, Associate Manager – Commercial Analysis, BioSyent.


Industry: Pharmaceutical
Organization: BioSyent Inc.
Technology Platform: Tableau


Although a small company by pharmaceutical standards (with a market cap of ~$120 million), BioSyent has always made it a priority to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the development and implementation of systems and technologies throughout the organizations (BI, CRM, ERP, etc.)  With sales growth of 815% since 2010 and an ever increasing pipeline of products, BioSyent not only had to double their workforce, but also reassess the value they were getting out of existing systems. This led them to realize that their existing BI solutions, which were Excel-based, were deficient in key areas:

  • Reports were time consuming and resource – intensive to update and distribute
  • The procedure was prone to human error which compromised data integrity
  • Reports were difficult to format for non-tech savvy users
  • Numerous pages of non-toggle-friendly reports were produced making it difficult to interpret results and derive actionable insight

BioSyent’s BI reporting solution was cumbersome and expensive to maintain. They wanted a visual way of looking at things – to go beyond static reports and charts to create multi-faceted views of data that would enable exploration at every dimension.

“The need for dashboards was evident – so after many months of assessing various dashboard enabling BI software offerings, we concluded that Tableau was the right choice for our organization.” – Daniel Malinov, Associate Manager – Commercial Analysis, BioSyent.


The implementation and adoption of Tableau Software at BioSyent was a big departure from their current Excel-based BI solution and represented a steep learning curve. They had no previous experience with advanced BI software such as Tableau.

BioSyent staff needed to rapidly gain fundamental skills in Tableau to navigate the front end GUI, understand back-end database relationships, design reports, and create interactive dashboards.


Unilytics optimized the impact of the Tableau training by customizing the sessions to cover topics most relevant to BioSyent’s business needs. BioSyent staff were trained in the essentials of Tableau: visualizing data, using a wide variety of visual types, connecting to data, creating basic calculations, building interactive dashboards, and sharing visualizations. These fundamental Tableau skills were reinforced through extensive hands-on activities.

Additionally, Unilytics assisted staff in creating many of the more complex Tableau dashboards using advanced features such as data blending to align accounting data from Sage with CRM data from Microsoft Dynamics; advanced conditional formulas to handle the inevitable exceptions that occur in low-level accounting data; lookup tables to categorize and classify product lines, etc.

“Unilytics provided top notch training to our staff (about a week of in-person full immersion) where we learned the system while creating the functional dashboards for our immediate needs,” said Mr. Malinov.

Unilytics delivered further value by using BioSyent’s data to customize training specifically to BioSyent’s needs and help them to develop the initial dashboards that would most immediately help the organization. Data visualization best practices were employed to ensure the dashboards would be enhanced for performance, visualization and distribution. The Unilytics Dashboard Design & Development (UD3) process was followed to maximize the valuable insight delivered.

Mr. Malinov added that, “Through their MARS support program, Unilytics continued to provide training and support going forward which we found invaluable and will continue to use for the foreseeable future.”


“We now have a number of staff that are competent in Tableau Desktop and regularly churn out ad-hoc dashboards in a fraction of the time it took to create similar reports from Excel and manual data-pulls from our CRM and ERP databases,” reported Mr. Malinov.

BioSyent’s use of Tableau has led to process improvements and enhanced efficiencies that result in substantial savings. Reports can now be automatically updated and easily distributed, and the procedure is far less prone to human error. Furthermore, Tableau data visualizations have facilitated report interpretation and allowed BioSyent to more easily spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-based decisions with confidence.

Daniel Malinov continued,

“We are also now completely self-reliant when it comes to configuring Tableau for changes in the databases (e.g. new dimensions, measures, fields, etc.) – whereas in the past, we’d need to reach out to engineers to actually go into our previous BI software, and change the code in the back-end to capture and customize whatever changes were made to our main databases.”

About BioSyent Inc.

BioSyent is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on in-licensing or acquiring innovative pharmaceutical products that have been successfully developed, are proven safe and effective, and have track records of improving the lives of patients. BioSyent supports healthcare professionals by marketing its products through its community, hospital, and international business units.


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