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Client Success Story – Axis Integrated

Client Success Story – Axis Integrated

Unilytics designs and builds custom dashboards with relevant, actionable insight that enable AXIS to greatly improve reporting to their customers saving hundreds of hours each reporting cycle.

“By partnering with Unilytics and Tableau, we have been able to dramatically improve the quality of reporting we can offer our customers.” – Michael Booth, President, AXIS Integrated
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Industry: Technology and Marketing Services
Organization: Axis Integrated
Website: https://www.axisintegrated.ca
Technology Platform: Tableau


AXIS Integrated provides comprehensive, outsourced IT-centric sales and marketing solutions such as direct mail, IVR technology, email deployment, micro-site development, fulfillment, contest management, inbound/outbound call centre activity and data-entry services. Notable customers include: AMEX, CertaPro Painters Limited, Deeley Harley-Davidson, Pillar to Post, Reliance Home Comfort, and Thomson Carswell.

Challenge – need better customer reporting

As a marketing and sales process solution provider, AXIS is committed to continually improve their service offering. Before this project began, Axis President, Michael Booth, said “Dynamic interactive reporting has always been a weak spot in terms of our service offerings.” Axis was using a variety of spreadsheets with data from different sources that were often stored in unique silos and did not have a consistent look. This approach didn’t provide the client with the “big picture” view they required to make the best decisions. AXIS’ challenge was to integrate complex data sets from multiple sources in a simplified format that would allow customers to easily glean valuable insight. They wanted reports to be interactive, dynamic, and flexible and to provide actionable insight without requiring further analysis or interpretation by customers.

Solution – create customized dashboards using Tableau

To provide AXIS with the enhanced customer reporting they were seeking, Unilytics’ first order of business was the installation and configuration of a Tableau Server on AXIS’ network to allow multiple external clients to access their confidential data while allowing AXIS to manage the distribution of data and dashboards to numerous clients. This included properly setting up servers, network connectivity, firewalls, permissions integration, etc.

Unilytics’ solution involved the creation of a series of dashboards tailored to meet the specific requirements of each AXIS’ client. The dashboards that were delivered were uniform in look and feel, but each client had their own view of the data to ensure confidentiality. Visualization best practices were employed using Tableau software to present relevant and meaningful data in dashboards designed to facilitate better decisions. Line-of-business data relating to sales and prospects was joined with demographic data and rendered in Tableau dashboards to provide a rich capability to investigate patterns in sales conversions, lead quality evaluation, and prospecting patterns.

In addition, Unilytics analyzed performance issues with the underlying data retrieval mechanism. Unilytics created several optimized structures to make data retrieval much faster, leading to more rapid data insights. The delivered dashboards are end-user appropriate at multiple levels within the organization and can grow as needed to hundreds of users across numerous departments.

“Unilytics worked with us as a true partner to help us exceed the expectations of our clients in the area of interactive program reporting and analysis. Unilytics took the time to understand our clients’ business and what they needed to see in the reports they receive. The Unilytics team is really adaptable and inventive when providing solutions for some of the unique client requests we receive.” – Michael Booth, President, AXIS Integrated

Results – greatly improved reports, reduced complexity, improved efficiency, improved customer experience

The custom dashboards designed by Unilytics provide the clear and actionable insight that AXIS envisaged for their clients. Implementation of dashboards for client reporting has also saved AXIS hundreds of hours in delivering reports to clients.

Previously, they had to figure out what data to gather, manually integrate and analyze it across 10-20 worksheets, and then format it in Microsoft Excel charts for presentation to clients. Now AXIS can use the Tableau dashboards that Unilytics delivered to turn around this critical information faster, so clients can make decisions faster. What used to be updated once a year can now be viewed any time the underlying data is updated. Instead of just reviewing the data as a “year end” retrospective of what happened, multiple internal clients can now review the data as it is captured and cleaned each month and make business strategy decisions that respond as events happen.

In addition, the delivered dashboards allow for comparison of regional performance to national averages, and numerous filters allow multiple investigation and research pathways in a single dashboard.

With the success of the initial dashboards, additional dashboard releases have been planned. The latest release includes an analysis of where prospects came from (i.e., lead source) and aligns customers, prospects, and lead sources with the usual demographics available in the initial dashboard.

“Unilytics consistently produces Tableau dashboards that present data in an insightful, yet easy to understand fashion. Some of the requests can be quite complex, yet Unilytics has been able to interpret what is required and deliver solutions that address or exceed expectations.” – Michael Booth

About Axis

AXIS Integrated, founded in 1996, delivers world class marketing and sales database driven solutions for mid-tier and large corporations. As an integrated technology and marketing services company, AXIS specializes in the development of customized, customer-centric database solutions, branded websites and end-user web-enabled marketing applications. Conducting business in Canada and the United States, AXIS employs over 50 marketing, information technology and customer service professionals.


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