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Posted by Julian Rocco

November 19, 2012


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Web Analytics 101

These days practicing web analytics is not new to most businesses. Web analytics has its roots in the early days of the web (the mid 1990’s) and has grown steadily since then. I, on the other hand, am somewhat of a newcomer to analytics, having recently joined a very talented team of consultants here at […]

Posted by Peder Enhorning

August 16, 2012


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Web Olympics Champion

Since the London games just finished, you’ll have to excuse the sporting references. Who’s the fastest man in the world? Well, it depends. Over 100 and 200 meters it’s obviously Usain Bolt. But lengthen the track or throw in some hurdles and you’ll have a different winner. Same applies for web analytics.

Not all products made it to the Web Olympics final. In our “competition”, we opted to look at Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics and Webtrends (jump to comparison matrix below). Combined, they enjoy by far the largest market share, and Unilytics is certified in all three so we are very familiar with them. Each of these three main products has special strengths and weaknesses. We have tried to make this analysis as unbiased and vendor neutral as possible. In all cases, Unilytics consulting recommends whichever solution best fits our clients’ needs.

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