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Posted by Karen

February 7, 2017


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5 Most Influential BI Trends for 2017

I have been closely following and writing about trends in the business intelligence market over the past three years. During this time, I can’t say that I’ve seen any “radically new” trends, and I don’t expect any to emerge in 2017. What I have seen, and anticipate for 2017, is the “evolution” of the dominant […]

Posted by Karen

October 6, 2014


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Top 2014 Business Intelligence Buyer Trends

The ever escalating hype on “business intelligence”, “analytics” and “big data” has made it very difficult to uncover the information that is truly valuable and useful. I recently came across a survey that provides what I consider to be pragmatic information if you are looking to upgrade, supplement or replace your Business Intelligence software, or purchase it for the first time.

Posted by Peder Enhorning

June 5, 2013


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5 Business Intelligence Trends for 2013…and What to Do About Them

The assumption is that the Big Data is usable, but often it isn’t. Many collection systems are installed with little regard for what the business drivers are and so may not be gathering the necessary information for sound business decisions. Data collected may be incomplete or just plain wrong.

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