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Tableau Support & Assistance

20 Years in BI and analytics
8 Years as a Tableau partner
94% Customer satisfaction
350+ Tableau engagements completed
1200+ Tableau dashboards built
2800+ Tableau users trained

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Direct: +1-416-441-9009

Toll Free: +1-416-649-6000


Tableau Desktop

Whether you’re just getting started with Tableau Desktop, or you’re a veteran user with some quick questions, our support staff can help you out. We can help you connect to your data, learn the drag and drop features of Tableau to create data visualizations, and how to present and share
your findings.

Tableau Server

If you’re just getting used to the Tableau family of analytics tools, you may need some additional support in setting everything up. We can help you plan, install, and configure Tableau Server to best suit your needs. Installing a Tableau server on Windows can be a tricky process to get right if you haven’t done it before. Our Tableau support team can help walk you through the process step by step to make sure that your Tableau Server is correctly installed.

Tableau Online

If you want to get up and running in minutes and seamlessly add users as your needs grow, you may be using Tableau Online, the fully hosted
version of Tableau Server. We can introduce you to Tableau Online: show you how to interact, edit, and author on the web; connect to data anywhere; publish dashboards; and share your discoveries with anyone. Our Tableau support team can get you oriented and headed in the right direction.





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