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In this 2-day course you will learn skills to prepare and shape data in Tableau Prep. You will gain experiential knowledge of what data works best with Tableau Desktop and how to shape and clean it to derive maximum flexibility from Tableau Desktop.


3 – 6 months experience in Tableau Desktop and some familiarity with writing calculations is recommended.


This is a live, instructor-led, online course and includes extensive hands-on activities to reinforce concepts and skills covered. Class discussion and open Q & A are incorporated throughout the course to enhance learning.


A training guide and digital archive of all presentations, data files, dashboards, and other documents referenced during the training are provided to students. Additional resources such as step by step instructions to create dashboards, tips & hints, and special requests are also included.

Tableau Prep Course Topics

What is Tableau Prep?

  • Explaining Tableau Prep “flows” and “steps”
  • What can Tableau Prep do that Tableau Desktop can’t?

The Components of Tableau Prep

  • Cleaning data
  • Aggregate data
  • Pivot
  • Join
  • Union
  • Output
  • Profiling your data
  • “Preview in Tableau Desktop”

Understanding Different Data Structures in Tableau

  • Wide data vs tall data
  • Advantages of tall data – Filtering
  • Advantages of tall data – Formula writing and NULLs
  • What does one row of data represent?
  • Different structures for different needs
  • Prep does not address E/R modelling or larger questions of architecture

Review Exercises

  • Scenario based review exercises
  • Hands on activities throughout to reinforce concepts



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