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Posted by John David Sant

November 27, 2019


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Tableau Master Challenge #6 – Reference Lines and the Order of Operations

This Master Challenge focuses on the following situation: A client currently has a view that shows the profit and sales figures for every customer. There is a parameter that allows the user to toggle between all the data points and only those data points that are not outliers. In this case, an outlier is defined to be any customer that has a profit value that is three standard deviations away from the median profit per customer. These are values that are exceptionally low or high. By looking at the number of marks in the bottom left corner, we can see that we have 793 total customers. When we select to hide the outlier customers, this leaves us with 780 customers which indicates that 13 customers are being classified as “outliers”. The client would like to add a reference line to show the average profit per customer. The value of the reference line should not change when the user toggles between showing and not showing outlier customers.

You can get started with the challenge by downloading the workbook here.

Give it a try and check your results against our solution here.

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