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Tableau Governance Strategy

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Balancing Business Empowerment and Control

A well thought out governance strategy will achieve your goal of enabling self-service analytics while making sure the data is governed, trusted, and secure. If your IT and business users work together, you can define a governance model that enables everyone and ensures data quality, content security, and consistency.

You may find that defining a Tableau Governance strategy can become quite an onerous process. Yet you know it’s critical to safeguarding your data. Don’t despair! We can help by guiding you through the complex process of developing a customized governance strategy in a Tableau Governance Workshop.


Tableau Governance Workshop

In our experience a workshop is the ideal environment for us to help you by understanding how people, processes, and technology support the reliable, dependable data outcomes your organization needs. Take a look at this webinar to learn how we can direct the governance process by helping you to answer essential questions:

  1. Which Governance model best aligns with my organization’s needs?  
  2. What about Sites, Projects, and Content Hierarchy?  
  3. Who administers a Tableau Server? 
  4. What should my process be for content promotion?
  5. How do I give users access to content?   

The output of the workshop is a document that summarizes the roles and best practices that were discussed during the workshop, by the stakeholders and how they should be implemented. This document will greatly aid in the smooth operationalization of Tableau Server inside your organization. In short, it’s a Who Does What, When, and How in relation to Tableau Server.

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