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Tableau Guided Evaluation

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Tableau Guided Evaluation – No Fee

Visualize Your Data in a Tableau Dashboard

tableau-poc-dashboard1df6770Are you interested in learning how Tableau might improve your reporting and decision making? Sometimes, relying on a free 2-week trial download isn’t enough. The Guided Evaluation program will ensure your evaluation of Tableau delivers maximum benefit to you and your company.

We’ll work hand in hand with you during the trial to make sure your team is successful. You’ll learn the skills needed to prepare your data, best practices for visualizing it, and strategies for delivering interactive dashboards to others. And we’ll “pull the curtain back” each step of the way, so you’ll have a true picture of what it takes. The best part is that by the end, you’ll have a dashboard solution up and running. If you decide to go forward with Tableau, you just flip a switch, and you’re live.

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More Insight from Your Data

Visualizing large, complex data sets in Tableau provides insights not otherwise realized. The Guided Evaluation will demonstrate this using your data. Tableau has the ability to accept data sets from Excel, SQL as well as many other formats. No matter what the data input, we’ll ensure your evaluation is a success.

We’re providing this free service, so you may evaluate Tableau before purchasing. However, there is no obligation to buy any licenses or services.


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