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This one day Tableau Advanced course is designed for those who have completed the 2 day Tableau Essentials Class or equivalent. It builds on basic skills learned in Tableau Essentials.


Tableau Essentials or equivalent.


This course is delivered in-person and includes extensive hands-on activities to reinforce concepts and skills covered. Class discussion and open Q & A are incorporated throughout the course to enhance learning.


A training guide and digital archive of all presentations, data files, dashboards, and other documents referenced during the training are provided to students as take-aways. Additional resources such as step by step instructions to create dashboards, tips & hints, and special requests are also included.

Tableau Advanced Course Topics:

Filtering, Sorting and Grouping

Filtering, Sorting and Grouping are fundamental concepts when working with and analyzing data. We will briefly review these topics as they apply to Tableau

  • Advanced options for filtering and hiding
  • The various types of filters and how and when each executes in sequence
  • Data security considerations of specific filters
  • Specific recommendations on how to use, or not to use, various filter options
  • Understanding your many options for ordering and grouping your data: Sort, Groups, Bins, Sets
  • the various types of sets and use cases for each
  • Understanding how these options inter-relate

Working with Data

  • Difference between joining and blending data and when to use each
  • Implications of working with “big data”
  • When and how to work with extracts and the data engine
  • Adding to Context
  • Performance tuning
  • best practices in “sharing” data sources

Advanced Table Calculations

  • Understanding Partitioning and Addressing
  • Differences between visual layout of data and results of table calculations
  • Approaches for understanding what is happening in table calculations
  • Calculate on Results of Table Calculations
  • Complex Calculations
  • Difference from Average Secondary Table Calculations


  • Summary Stats
  • Moving Averages
  • From a fixed point
  • In a rolling window

Working with Dates and Times

  • Continuous versus Discrete Dates
  • Dates and Times
  • Reference Dates

Best Practices in Formatting and Visualizing

Formatting Tips

  • Highlighting
  • Labeling
  • Legends

Where to Get Further Assistance

  • The Help File / Product Manual
  • Knowledge base
  • Forums
  • Whitepapers & Books
  • Further Training Offerings & Professional Services
  • Technical Support

Scenario-based Review Exercises



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