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One of the most common types of data we see at Unilytics is survey data. We’ve worked with surveys ranging from hundreds of respondents and dozens of questions to large surveys with tens of thousands of respondents and hundreds of questions.

Visualizing Survey Data is Challenging

The biggest challenge with survey data is that it is not properly structured for visualization. Most analysts believe that survey data is “well-structured” and ready for visualization, but this is virtually never the case.

Leaving the data in the “normal” survey data format (i.e., respondent-per-row and question-per- column) will lead to significant performance issues and a surprising inability to create basic visuals like stacked bar charts time series/trend lines and combine related questions into a single chart/visual.

In fact, if you leave the data in the normal survey format, you will end up writing some slow and highly complex formulas. We regularly hear from clients saying, “Why are these survey formulas so complicated? Should it take this much work to get what I need?” All this complexity is because the optimal structure to visualize data is “tall” rather than “wide”.

Yet another complicating issue for survey data is how to handle the freeform or “open ended” survey questions. Understanding freeform answers is not easy and requires NLP (natural language processing).

To learn more, read our blog: Visualizing Survey Data – Challenges and Solutions

Achieve Optimal Results for Survey Data Without the Pain

At Unilytics we have worked through much of this pain over the years and now offer services to help you achieve the optimal results for your survey data. We’ve refined these services into a specific training course on structuring and visualizing survey data. Contact us to learn more.

Alternatively, our consultants are experts at survey data and can provide a lot of assistance in the up- front survey design to ensure your questions will yield your desired results during the post-survey analytics phase. We can also assist in the data restructuring processes, NLP (natural language processing), visualization design and construction, and application of common data science (e.g., regression, k-means clustering, distribution/variance, kurtosis/skewness, etc.) principles.

We would love to help! With our services you will have statistically significant survey visuals that optimize the user experience and provide reliable insight.

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