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Analyze Your Dashboards to Make Them Better

A dashboard needs to deliver the best user experience possible. Otherwise, users won’t come back. It’s not enough to just know if a dashboard was accessed or not. That measure can be found in simple counters. But are they accessing the parts of the dashboard we designed for them? For example:

  • Are they finding the filters we created and are they using them?
  • Are they interacting with our map and which geographic areas are they clicking on the most?
  • Which vendor names did the user click on in the “Find” list?
  • What data ranges do users choose from calendar?
  • What text strings are users searching for?
  • Which workbooks are shared the most?
  • Which dashboard features are used the most?

Dashboard Design Analytics

We created the DDA (Dashboard Design Analytics) to help find the answers to these questions and many others. DDA collects user interactions and reports on how customers are using Tableau dashboards. And of course, a Tableau dashboard is created to show the results!

Understanding how users are interacting with dashboards, what selectors or menus they access, what sections they use most often, and what they don’t use, offers tremendous insight into design improvements.

The analytics generated by DDA can then be used to fine tune dashboards, or create new ones, based on how customers actually use them. DDA was built using the “Dashboard Extension” technology released with Tableau Server 2018.2.



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