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Posted by Karen

March 11, 2014


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Savvy Digital Marketers at DX3 2014

By all accounts, DX3 Canada 2014 held in Toronto on March 5 & 6 was a resounding success! Hailed as Canada’s largest digital marketing, advertising and retail event, this year’s event brought together some of the brightest thought leaders who inspired, connected and activated more than 4,000 attendees over two days. Attendees left with the knowledge, skills and passion to take their digital business to the next level.

But Who Got to $Keep the Cash$?

To add some extra pizazz to our booth, we filled a barrel with cash and invited attendees to guess the total dollar amount. The person to guess closest to the actual amount would get to $Keep the Cash$ in the barrel! We had 90 guesses throughout the two days and saw visitors using a host of different strategies to formulate their guesses. Ranging from $16 to $1299, the variety of guesses indicated this was far from an exact science. At the end of the second day, a few minutes before the contest closed, we identified the closest guess which was just $1 from the actual amount.

But wait…mere seconds before we announced the winner, a final guess was submitted by Mark Robertson of Improvebiz – he guessed the EXACT amount, which was $201, and won all of the cash in the barrel!! Mark was ecstatic to say the least!

How Close was Your Guess?

Because we are data analytics & visualization enthusiasts (aka geeks), we couldn’t miss this opportunity to create a Tableau visualization to analyze the $Keep the Cash$ contest. We have held this contest at four other events in Toronto, Boston, New Jersey and New York.  See how close your guess was. Just click on this viz to interact with data.

Why We Were Impressed by the DX3 2014 Show

As a Digital Analytics & Data Visualization organization, we were very impressed that our booth evoked such interest and enthusiasm amongst a largely “non-technical” crowd. We’re encouraged because these marketers, advertisers and retailers are obviously savvy and sophisticated enough to recognize that data marketing is the way of the future and that analysing and visualizing data empowers decision makers to discover and act on new insights quickly.

Visitors told us they were “blown away” by the Data Visualizations and Marketing Dashboards we created with Tableau (our business analytics and data visualization software partner) and demonstrated at our booth. They were particularly captivated by Tableau’s self-serve feature – the ability for in-depth analysis by the “non-technical” business end user, without the need for heavy IT involvement. We literally saw their eyes glaze over as they imagined using Tableau to interrogate their data, to understand trends, design new campaigns, monitor the success of campaigns, analyze metrics to maximize the value from their marketing data…

Thanks to everyone for visiting our booth and participating in $Keep the Cash$. Hope to see you at next year’s Digital Marketing extravaganza!

If you were impressed by the Data Visualizations and Marketing Dashboards we created and are interested in exploring Tableau further, here’s an opportunity for a Free Trial!


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