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June 5, 2012


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Google Analytics Content Experiments Now Live!

Google Analytics Content Experiments has launched!

Content experiments are A/B tests that you can run from within the Google Analytics interface. Google Website Optimizer (GWO), the current standalone A/B and multivariate testing tool, is being replaced with this new Google Analytics feature.

The sunsetting of GWO and birth of Content Experiments within Google Analytics  follows a series of moves that have integrated Google analytics and optimization tools. Webmaster Tools was integrated in October 2011.  Google Analytics Goals was integrated into Google Adwords in 2009.


Google Analytics Content Experiments

Why aren’t you A/B testing?

  • Too challenging to get tags on the website?
  • No testing experience?
  • No time to lean a new tool?

Google Analytics has made A/B testing much more accessible with Content Experiments.

Marketing channels aren’t going to optimize themselves. You need to understand where your efforts are best spent and take action with that knowledge.
Always BTesting!

Preparing for your first Content Experiment

Set Up Advanced Segments!

Can you compare visitors that are:

  • members vs. non-members?
  • repeat customers vs. new customers?
  • membership levels (silver vs. gold vs. platinum)?

Set up your advanced segments. Use segmentation to analyze your content experiments and get insight into what you should be optimizing for whom.


Goals are used to measure the effectiveness of your experiments.

Are your goals properly configured?

Is Attribution staying intact?

What source is attributed to your goals? Are there a lot of self-referrals?

If your own domain name is listed as the source of your goals, it could mean that somewhere along the click path your attribution information is lost. The cause is often a missing tag, a redirect, or typical OOTB implementation problems.

Launching your first Content Experiment

You will find Content Experiments under the Google Analytics Content menu near the bottom.

The GA interface will guide you through the process of selecting your original page, variation pages, and the goals which you are seeking to improve.

A script will be generated along with instructions to place it on the original and variation pages.

Your Content Experiment will begin once the script is deployed and verified.

Also check out the official Google Analytics Content Experiments help page.

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