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Maturity Model

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There are many tasks which should be addressed for a robust and effective web presence. This Digital Analytics Maturity model identifies tasks in a straightforward table without subjective evaluation. You have either completed specific tasks, or you have not.



Strategic Consulting

Proper planning is imperative for the success of any digital analytics initiative. Digital Analytics Governance is critical to fully establish a measurement framework. This is true in the “Planning and Preparation” phase and also for ongoing “Corporate Strategy”. Unilytics can assist with the selection and scoping process for digital analytics tools. We can also provide high level strategic consulting to ensure top level management sees value in digital analytics, and that it becomes an integral part of all marketing initiatives.

Training and Implementation

RETAIN® is Unilytics’ proprietary digital analytics consulting methodology which reverses the order of traditional implementations by starting with end-user training instead of ending with it. We begin by exploring the power of digital analytics concepts, then we establish report prioritization and site goals and objectives. These in turn drive KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This process provides invaluable insight into how Google Analytics, Adobe, and Webtrends should subsequently be configured.

Advanced Consulting

Often missed are the pieces supporting an effective digital analytics strategy. Improved “Report Interpretation” and “Actioning” can provide significant payback, and relying on KPIs to fuel automated dashboards leads to better business decision making. Search Engine Optimization, A/B testing, improved campaign management and tracking, and measuring Social Media have all become invaluable functions of successful firms.

Unique Visitor Intelligence

Digital analytics goes beyond static reports contained within single systems to include eCommerce activity and 1:1 Visitor Tracking. General trending is valuable, but understanding how unique web visitors are interacting can be vital. Unilytics can deliver per-visitor information such as day of visits, initial referrer or search terms, purchase history and ultimately Lifetime value.


Critical information is gained when digital analytics reporting is combined with other marketing data. Integrating email solutions, CRM, and off-line customer databases, provides a richer view of customer behaviour.

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