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Our system audits are the most comprehensive in the industry and include an executive dashboard for exceptional visualization of audit findings. Audits can include:



  • Evaluate and correct use of Profiles
  • Review administrative settings and ensure best practices are implemented
  • Ensure all pages are tracked by the appropriate tracking code
  • Identify of issues with tracking code, skewed or incomplete data, incorrect usage
  • Recommend improvements to dashboard layouts, summaries, sharing, and underlying reports
  • Identify sources of excessive license consumption (for paid analytics services) and create plans for reducing consumption
  • Reconcile metric differences between analytics vendors
  • Identify or highlight specific visitor activity (when possible with web analytics vendor)


  • Review and recommend content and audience segmentation, and make sure data capture aligns properly with segments
  • Ensure that site search keywords and navigation impacts are measured
  • Ensure all social sharing tools, downloads, and Rich Media are tracked by custom JavaScript tracking code
  • Verify that cross-domain and sub-domain navigation paths and conversion funnels are completely tracked
  • Validate predefined filters and identify additional filtering needs, such as internal and sub-domain


  • Validate e-commerce tracking and compare with server-side data (if possible)
  • Validate that campaign tracking is correct and provide best practice guidance for usage of various campaign parameters and reports
  • Validate channel tracking (i.e. ensure all referring sources are attributed correctly) including display ads, social media, affiliate networks, etc.
  • Verify goal, funnel, and/or scenario (and set up of additional goals as required)
  • Provide recommendations (along with detailed code examples and data capture models) for event tracking, to track downloads and other interactive elements of the site


  • Examine existing, or to-be- completed, integrations with third-party data sources
  • Provide additional recommendations to enhance tracking beyond standard product implementation and identification of areas for future investigation or development

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