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Tableau Products

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Tableau Products

Tableau Desktop

  • Live, self-service visual analytics and interactive dashboards help you get actionable insights fast
  • Connect to data on premise or in the cloud
  • Makes data easily understandable for everyone, so decisions can be driven by data
  • Windows and Mac versions available
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Tableau Prep

  • Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis
  • Access and combine disparate data without writing code
  • See immediate results with each action, even on millions of rows of data



Tableau Server

  • Keep the management of the server in your hands
  • Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout the organization with web based Tableau Server
  • Users can interact with dashboards using browser or mobile-based devices
  • Empower your business with self-serve analytics and protect your data
  • Leverage fast databases through live data connections, or can extract and refresh your data


Tableau Online

  • Hosted version of Tableau Server makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever
  • Easily share and collaborate with colleagues, partners, or customers without having to manage a server
  • Interactive visualizations and accurate data are all easily accessible from a browser or with mobile apps
  • No setup or hardware cost, no need to manage upgrades or scale hardware capacity


Tableau Pricing Options

For Tableau Creator, Explorer, and Viewer Pricing Details Contact Us 

Tableau Creator

Includes Tableau Desktop, Prep, and Creator License of Server/Online

  • Provides the tools for analysts who want to discover insights faster
  • Powerful suite of products that support your end-to-end analytics workflow.
  • Uncover insights faster with best-in-class analytics
  • Quickly and confidently prepare your data for analysis
  • Share and collaborate on your content and insights

Tableau Explorer

Includes Explorer License of Server/Online

  • For business users who want to explore trusted data and answer their own questions faster with full self-service analytics.
  • Connect to curated data sources using Tableau Server or Tableau Online
  • Explore data to answer questions and create tailored content
  • Share and collaborate around dashboards and visualization

Tableau Viewer

Includes Viewer License of Server/Online

  • For users who don’t need to make updates to dashboards but want to view and interact with dashboards and visualizations in a secure, easy-to-use platform
  • Easily access analytics to make data-informed decisions through web and mobile
  • Stay on top of your data from subscriptions and alerts
  • Collaborate around data via discussions

All the Nitty-Gritty Details

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