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Tableau customers often discover that managing descriptive text and hyperlink changes to workbooks is a tedious and time-consuming effort. Many hours are spent coordinating with multiple teams and dashboard designers.

The Problem

When Tableau dashboard functionality or information changes, the descriptive contents of the dashboard have to be manually updated. Items requiring multiple touch-points to manage will include changes to:

  • titles
  • help text
  • button tooltips
  • links to other dashboards that are changed or moved
  • Tableau Server names

The Solution

Unilytics’ DCM (Dashboard Configuration Manager) is a comprehensive solution which automates updates, saving hundreds of hours of monotonous and error-prone work.

DCM consists of a set of tables that categorize and classify basic UI content which is centralized to minimize maintenance overhead. In most cases, clients can simply change the environment that a workbook is designed for, and all of the basic text and hyperlinks within the workbook will automatically update to the correct revision without requiring any maintenance within the Tableau workbook.

All maintenance of basic text and hyperlinks can be accomplished through the centralized DCM interface.

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