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Business Intelligence Maturity Model

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An effective BI maturity model provides a road map to become a data driven organization where decisions are more accurate, predictive, and profitable. It can illustrate what you are doing well and what areas need improvement, where you need to go, and how to get there.

Increasing your business intelligence maturity will make your organization better able to leverage data to make smarter and more profitable decisions.

BIMM – Business Intelligence Maturity  Model


BIMM – Unilytics maturity model- is task-based. Unlike other BI maturity models, Unilytics has created a comprehensive list of categories based on People, Processes, and Technology and distinct tasks to complete for each.

BIMM five distinct phases that inform how mature your data and analytics strategy is. Often an organization may reach Phase 3 in one category but only Phase 2 in another and perhaps Phase 4 in something else. That is normal.

The least sophisticated environments have data scattered across different, disconnected spreadsheets and documents. Employees may want information, but it’s not organized or available in a consumable format and can’t easily be shared. And no one is in charge of data governance.

At the other end of the maturity spectrum, the CAO (Chief Analytics Officer) ensures that data is organized, curated, and accessible to all levels of staff in the form of actionable dashboards.

We use BIMM to help you assess where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Unilytics has helped hundreds of organizations leverage their data stores by creating data visualization specific data repositories and leveraging methodologies such as D3 – Dashboard Design & Development – to accelerate dashboard development that adheres to IPA -Insight, Performance, Aesthetics.

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