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Posted by Karen

April 7, 2022


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3 Data Validation Best Practices to Prevent “Bad” Data

The explosive growth of data has provided incredible business opportunities but has also presented challenges for many companies, and one of the biggest challenges is ensuring data accuracy. Although we have seen some companies with robust data validation practices, more often companies are in dire need of a systematic and disciplined approach. It is not […]

Posted by Peder Enhorning

May 26, 2021


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Unilytics has Joined Optimus SBR​

Since our inception, Unilytics has been constantly evolving to reflect changes in technologies, business and ultimately, our clients’ needs. This past year has been no exception, and after careful consideration I’m thrilled to share that Unilytics decided to join Optimus SBR. As one of the largest management consulting firms in North America, Optimus SBR offers a variety of management consulting […]

Posted by John David Sant

August 21, 2020


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Track Personal Finances with this Tableau Dashboard

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of people around the world, many are taking a closer look at their finances. Mint.com and the Mint app can help with this as it allows you to connect to all of your accounts in one place to stay on top of your money. The one drawback (especially in […]

Posted by Saurabh Jain

August 11, 2020


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KNIME Versus Alteryx

As a Senior Business Intelligence consultant with extensive data preparation experience, clients often ask me to recommend a data prep/analytics platform. Whether I recommend KNIME or Alteryx depends on the project requirements and data sources because each product has specific capabilities, pros, and cons. In this blog, I’m going to look at the two tools […]

Posted by John David Sant

July 16, 2020


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Three Table Calculation Functions for Tableau that Should be on Your Radar

Over the last month, I’ve come across several problems that clients were encountering with their visuals. In this post I’d like to talk about three of them. These three problems were similar in the sense that they were all solved with lesser known table calculation functions. In each case, I’ll present the problem and how […]

Posted by Eric

embedded analytics

May 28, 2020


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What to Ask Before Embedding Analytics with Tableau

As Business Intelligence (BI) has become increasingly integral to business operations, embedded analytics is a key area of focus. In this blog I delve into the advantages of embedded analytics, the multidisciplinary complexities involved, the types of embedding environments, and the degree of integration. Most importantly, I share essential questions that organizations can ask upfront […]

Posted by Teigen Enhorning

March 31, 2020


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7 Most Impactful Business Intelligence Trends for 2020

As the world struggles to cope with COVID-19, government and businesses are increasingly making use of these advancements in BI (business intelligence) to provide timely and accurate information to communities.  2020 is coming to a close and there have been plenty of advancements in BI. Here are 7 trends that we believe have had the […]

Posted by Karen

March 17, 2020


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More than a Business Intelligence Maturity Model

Use a Roadmap to Leverage BI for Smarter Decisions As a marketer, I may not appreciate the technical intricacies of business intelligence applications, but I certainly understand the importance of getting more from your data. If your organization is having difficulty deriving greater insight, understanding and intelligence from your data, you are not alone.  Data […]

Posted by John David Sant

November 27, 2019


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Tableau Master Challenge #6 – Reference Lines and the Order of Operations

This Master Challenge focuses on the following situation: A client currently has a view that shows the profit and sales figures for every customer. There is a parameter that allows the user to toggle between all the data points and only those data points that are not outliers. In this case, an outlier is defined […]

Posted by Peder Enhorning

September 24, 2019


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Why Do You Need a Data Warehouse or Data Mart?

We often get questions about better analytical insight and dashboard performance. We design dashboards that adhere to IPA (Insight, Performance, Appearance) but that’s often not possible if the underlying data structures are deficient and not properly organized. Tableau connects natively to many different SOR (System of Record) data sets found in an organization. They can […]

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