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November 27, 2009


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Webtrends and Google Analytics Do Overlap

Webtrends and Google Analytics do overlap and comparisons are worthwhile, but each will appeal to different audiences. We see many clients who are well suited for GA. If their needs are fully served by GA it’s the logical choice since it’s free. But the technological approach by both is different which means they will often serve different clients. While they both offer java scripted solutions, Webtrends also allows for the collection process to occur locally. Even though Urchin is also owned by Google, GA does not create a local log file which can be re-processed. Controlling the data locally does offer options which can often be important.

And if you have more demanding requirements or want to fully integrate your web analytics data with other marketing silos, Webtrends offers a richer environment. Here’s my list of positive aspects about Webtrends:

  1. With Webtrends you own the data and you can pull it out at anytime. This applies equally to hosted or software.
  2. Webtrends allows for a java scripted solution in which the collection server is local within your firewall. This is important for firms which do not wish to have corporate data stored outside the organization and particularly not if you don’t want your data in the US and accessible by the US Patriot Act.
  3. Webtrends can re-process old log files to reanalyze if you decide you need to make reporting changes
  4. Webtrends allows you to store a full backup of your raw log files in java scripted logs or standard log format
  5. Webtrends allows you to use log based analytics in addition to JavaScript tagging as separate profiles to track activity. With this you can see search engine spider activity
  6. Webtrends provides a Visitor History export function which can allow you to normalize all of your visitor data in a database. This enables you to understand how individuals navigate and interact with your site. This can be tied to email marketing or CRM tools for 1:1 marketing insight
  7. Webtrends provides standard ODBC and REST access that allows you to get critical data and analysis outside of the Webtrends reporting engine and into other applications. This enables you to tie Webtrends results to offline data using Excel or your favorite Business Intelligence tool
    Webtrends provides more detailed custom configuration and reporting
  8. Webtrends can tell you what percentage of users are not accepting cookies
  9. Webtrends provides content group analysis
  10. Webtrends provides IP reports
  11. Webtrends provides email and phone support

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