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Upgrade to Tableau from Cognos

You need “speed to insight” … you’ve heard about Tableau Data Visualization, now it’s easy to upgrade to Tableau from Cognos!

Remember when fax machines were new and shiny? That’s when Cognos software was created. Stop using technology that hasn’t kept up with current innovations. Your business benefits greatly by taking a modern approach to business intelligence that is faster, less costly in money and time, and more agile.

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Customers tell us Cognos is challenging

  • It takes too long to update or meet new reporting needs
  • Annual maintenance costs from IBM are too high with little incremental benefit
  • No insight from the report factory, and users are not using the reports being produced
  • Software licenses are on the shelf, not being used, and incurring unnecessary expense

Tableau Software offers advantages over legacy Cognos BI

  • Highest customer satisfaction as rated by Gartner
  • Best user experience to create ad-hoc analysis, reports, and dashboards
  • Self-service analytics with very little IT involvement (IT doesn’t have to be your report-generator!)
  • You can start small. Try, test, and learn what Tableau can do for your business

Users asking the IT team to script and run reports from the Cognos Enterprise business intelligence solution faced a long queue. – ManpowerGroup Analytics. Read full customer story.

Tableau alone can’t replace all that Cognos does. But with Unilytics’ help, it can. We can help you build a data mart or a complete data warehouse by combining state-of-the-art data integration and preparation tools as seen in the diagram, Option A.

dw-cognos-structureTableau can also produce data visuals directly from data sources as in Option B. This flexibility delivers unprecedented analysis for business users by not insisting on a complex data structure for data discovery.

And by visualizing your corporate data in Tableau, you can deliver a best-in-class user experience to gain better insight into your business. Let your business people discover NEW insights from your operational data.

See it to believe it!

Unilytics and Tableau offer an attractive option for Cognos customers. And you don’t need to change everything all at once.  We can help you identify specific reporting applications as logical starting points. The Tableau Guided Evaluation program is offered to help you  evaluate Tableau before you buy – RISK FREE and RIGHT AWAY!

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