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Best Tableau Training Courses

Unilytics’ Tableau Training stands head and shoulders above the rest. Customers strongly endorse our Tableau Training courses with a 94% satisfaction rating!

Many important factors distinguish our training and maximize its value.

Instructor Knowledge and Experience

The influence of instructor competency on learner success can not be underestimated. Our instructors are extremely skilled, professional Tableau consultants and data scientists who are passionate about Tableau and sharing their knowledge. Their teaching methods are highly developed, and their practical experience creating Tableau dashboards for clients in a wide range of functions and verticals is invaluable.

“The trainer dazzled the group on the 2nd day by analyzing our data and showing never-before-seen insight using some keen analytic functions within Tableau.”

In-person and Interactive

When it comes to training, face-to-face time is incredibly vital. In-person, interactive learning is a proven way to better process, integrate, and retain new information. There’s just no substitute for the energy and personal connection of a physical classroom.

Customized for YOUR Group

We customize the Tableau Training curriculum specifically for your group based on an assessment of your data and application, your Tableau dashboard requirements, your group’s skill level, and your training goals. This ensures we cover the topics that are most relevant to you and maximize the impact of the training session.

“The Tableau training Unilytics provided to us was invaluable. It opened up a world of options that we didn’t know existed.”

We Come to You

We can provide the training on-site at your location. You choose the timing that suits your organization’s needs, without having to deal with travel or time away.

Hands-on Activities

Our training is dynamic and interactive with extensive hands-on activities incorporated to reinforce the learning and skills.

“Incredible instructor! Pacing, presentation style and instructor’s patience made learning easier. Hands on exercises using our data was amazing.”

Tableau Courses for All Skill Levels

We offer Tableau Training courses for users of all skill levels from beginner to advanced as well as a visualization best practices course for business analysts. These Tableau Training options can be fully customized for your requirements.

Tableau Essentials Training (2 days)

This introductory course provides a solid foundation in fundamental Tableau skills. This course is ideal for anyone who works with data. No prerequisite experience is needed, and no technical or analytical background is required. By the end of the course, you will be able to visualize your data, use a wide variety of chart types, connect to data, create basic calculations, build interactive dashboards, share visualizations, and more. Hands-on exercises are an integral component of the learning. See course description.

Tableau Essentials PLUS Training (3 days)

This course combines aspects from both Essentials and Master training. Precise content is decided upon by the client.

Tableau Master Training (2 days)

This advanced course is designed for users who have solid experience working with Tableau and want to enhance their skills to build complex, dynamic visuals. Upon completion of this course, you will have learned to build layered, highly-targeted filters, perform affiliate analysis, advanced table calculations, dynamic, multi-level sets, level of detail expressions, custom mapping, and multi-pass table calculations. Hands-on exercises are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce learned skills. See course description.

Tableau Visualization Best Practices (2 days)

This course is ideal for anyone who works in a business analyst roll – regardless of technical or analytical background. At the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of Tableau, know how to define requirements for new dashboards, and understand specific best practices for dashboard performance, visualization, and dissemination. The training is based on our UD3 – Unilytics’ Dashboard Design & Development process that ensures best practices for performance, visualization, and dissemination of Tableau Dashboards. See course description.

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