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August 2, 2012


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SiteCatalyst Code Version H.24.4

Adobe has released an update to the core JavaScript code (the “guts” that make SiteCatalyst work). The major improvement is that Google search pre-rendering will no longer count a page view or a visit.

Example of Google organic search results pre-rendering (page preview) –

Why This Is Important

Clients should certainly be aware of this update and consider updating to the latest core code. The observed impact of filtering out Google pre-rendering “page views” depends in part on how much traffic comes from Google organic search overall and what percentage of users make use of the pre-render function.

Unilytics Consulting can help with this assessment and with a code upgrade. This is especially valuable for clients:

  • Who haven’t updated their code in a long time
  • Don’t have any development resources available to handle the work, or
  • Where the initial implementation was done by outside consultants

It’s common that most SiteCatalyst customisations happen in the core JavaScript file. It’s critical to ensure that no data collection functionality is broken or lost during the update.

By engaging consulting services, we can audit whatever customisations you have already, fix anything not currently working, and even implement new features (e.g. day-time parting).

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