KPI Karta® – Actionable Key Performance Indicators

New! See KPI Karta – the best system to identify, define and track KPIs against corporate goals. Make better decisions, faster and easier.

Used by Fortune 500’sKPI Karta® is a proprietary methodology that helps organizations identify and measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The resulting metrics provide vital feedback and actionable insight that directly drive business goals. The proven KPI Karta process is universally applicable regardless of industry, type of business objective or company size.

KPI Karta® is for you if…

  • You want to identify and measure the KPIs that will have the greatest impact on your business.
  • You have mountains of data but are unsure which data is critical to measure.
  • You measure business performance versus goals but don’t evaluate the activities that CAUSED those results.
  • Your business reports don’t offer actionable information.

Your Challenge

Extracting real meaning from your data can be a daunting task considering the volume and variety of data that is available. You need a better way to establish and measure KPIs to ensure you are tracking the activities that impact and CAUSE your resulting performance. This will provide the actionable insight critical to business success.

Our SolutionKPIK-flow

KPI Karta® transforms a complex and daunting task into an organized and manageable process. The KPI Karta® methodology helps you identify the most relevant metrics for your business and build a logical framework for calculating and distributing them.

We Don’t Ignore the Cause – KPIs that measure the EFFECT of business activities but ignore the CAUSE lack the actionable insight needed to improve business results. When designed with the KPI Karta®, KPIs track HOW your business is performing, and more importantly, WHY it is performing well or not.

The KPI Karta® offers a formal methodology for identifying persons, departments and information sources for creating and supporting KPIs. The Karta hierarchy maps out how KPIs are created and how they fit into the organization, so everyone involved understands how KPIs are derived and can see their own contribution. This process invariably improves company acceptance and buy in. Learn more about KPIs that Drive Results.

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