Webtrends Consulting Services

Unilytics provides unrivaled Webtrends consulting expertise to ensure a successful implementation. We will meet with you and your staff to identify and define your business’s primary objectives and your site’s performance metrics. We will evaluate your website – its architecture, customer interface, and transaction methods – and review your reporting requirements.

With your objectives as a base, we work with you to define how your site will be measured and help you build KPI based dashboards to deliver immediate insight to better inform how your site is performing. We will also address log configuration options that may improve data completeness and accuracy.

Log files to be processed can be either traditional web server logs or those collected by placing java scripts on each page and utilizing the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC). Working with your staff, we’ll place the necessary web beacons and variables needed to get the information you require on all of your pages, or will work with you to setup, collect and analyze your log files. We will generate the reports and review them with you to make sure you’re receiving the information you require and  skills are transferred to your staff.

Services include:

Strategic Plan – First, establish objectives and goals before you embark on web analytics.

Web analytics governance – An enforced governance policy ensures that each department’s reporting needs are understood, prioritized and delivered as completely as possible. Enterprise standards are put in place to ensure consistent, timely reporting, aligned directly with requirements.

Customized configuration and training – RETAIN® – Reverse Engineered Training and ImplementatioN.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Going beyond the available reports, we analyze your needs and help establish KPIs that quickly inform how your web site and business is performing.

Dashboards – Cut through the clutter of report data by creating dashboards that action web analytics KPIs and incorporate external information.

E-mail Integration – Connect your e-mail marketing tools with web analytics for an integrated look at how your website is performing.

Configuration & Administration – Full configuration services to fine-tune existing installations.

Business End-User and Technical Training – Report interpretation is the key; what does it all mean?! And ensuring end-users know how to find the reports that are meaningful and ignore the rest.

MARS (Management And Report Support) is our monthly service which ensures Webtrends, Adobe or Google Analytics is fully configured and that essential reports are available to key stakeholders every day. Unilytics can manage your implementation to accelerate ROI.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the most immediate way to increase traffic. Get your share.

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