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Webtrends is a comprehensive web analytics solution that provides sophisticated, easy-to-use and easy-to-customize insight for every department and every web initiative within any organization.

However, few organizations take full advantage of Webtrends’ capability as it is rarely configured completely or correctly. This is where Unilytics can help. We are the world’s most experienced Webtrends consulting firm and have performed over 250 customer engagements. We offer a full range of consulting  and training services to ensure maximum value is obtained from Webtrends implementations.

Sometimes, Webtrends configuration isn’t enough. There are times when new technologies need to be utilized to solve problems that are not directly fulfilled by Webtrends. As a result, Unilytics has created several tools to augment Webtrends and enhance its functionality. These include:

Dashboards for Webtrends –  Unilytics uses dashboards to greatly improve reporting for Webtrends. This dashboard created with Tableau contains much more information than found in Webtrends reports. To accomplish this, Unilytics developed technology that connects to a Webtrends account and retrieves profiles, reports, and calendar periods then extracts them into Microsoft Access or SQL Server. This allows the creation of rich, interactive dashboards using a dashboard tool such as Tableau Software.

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