VHE Distiller – Enhances Unique Visitor Insights

VHE Distiller extends Webtrends to report on individual visitor information and offers new insight into user behavior for improved 1:1 marketing.

VHE Distiller is for you if…

  • You want to know how individual visitors are utilizing your website, and if they are converting
  • You wonder which campaigns are most effective with which types of visitors
  • You need to know how your marketing activities impact various visitors’ behavior
  • You need to know which types of visitors use your site most and least often
  • You want to remarket back to visitors that have started key transactions but not completed them

Your Challenge

Understanding how individual web visitors are interacting is vital. This is especially true if you segment your customers to better understand what types of visitors use your web services, what brought them to your site in the first place, how often they return, what they are interested in and what they purchase. However, web analytics tools only deliver aggregated, general web traffic trending and are only able to store and report on a limited amount of visitor metrics.

Webtrends’ Visitor History Export (VHE) is an out-of-the-box feature of Webtrends that can be enabled on each Profile to provide accurate 1:1 marketing without the need for costly data warehousing applications. VHE stores long-term information about a particular visitor’s actions from their first visit to their most recent. While VHE collects a long list of visitor metrics, it archives that data in a flat file which is not easily used.

Our Solution

Unilytics VHE Distiller automates the conversion and transformation of Webtrends VHE files to a relational database for more convenient data mining, enterprise reporting, integration, and advanced segmentation. Using VHE Distiller, you can create key customer profile information, enable re-marketing to key visitors and have the ability to extract data for use in other applications, such as CRM, Ad Targeting, and business intelligence reporting suites.

The VHE Distiller Advantage

  • Captures unique web visitor activity
  • Uncovers key customer profile information
  • Provides 1:1 visitor tracking
  • Integrates per visitor information with day-to-day trending data
  • Allows advanced visitor segmentation
  • Enables re-marketing to key visitors

Integration with VHE Distiller provides 1:1 visitor tracking:

  • Pages and content groups of interest
  • Visit history (visits, total time visiting the site, recency, frequency, latency, velocity)
  • Customer segmentation (simple and advanced)
  • Where the visitor came from (initial referrer, first URL on your site, and date and time of their first visit)
  • Search engine information (organic and paid search, most recent search information, and search information on their initial visit to you)
  • Initial campaign that brought them to you
  • Most recent campaign they accessed
  • Overall purchase information (total purchase count, lifetime value, invoice/transaction num-bers)
  • Purchase history (first and most recent purchase date and time)

Advanced Visitor Segmentation with VHE Distiller:

Advanced visitor segmentation allows organizations to assemble various methods of classifying visitors. This allows integration with other sources of data when determining visitor classification. Other clients have set up their visitor segments similar to the following:

  • Personal demographics
  • Engagement demographics
  • Utilization demographics

Per-visitor information with VHE Distiller is integration-ready with day-to-day trending data and can answer the following types of questions:

  • Total number of minutes spent on your site on a day-to-day basis
  • New content groups of interest the visitor may have accessed today
  • Which key pages a visitor has been to
  • If a visitor changed their behavior, or changed any of their segmentation information
  • Has their search engine activity behavior changed
  • Have new search terms recently become popu-lar for particular types of visitors
  • Have campaign efforts had an effect on visitor’s purchasing behavior

The ability to track and report on unique web visitor activity offers great promise. Webtrends in-cludes built-in capabilities for better engagement, but the raw output file lacks the structure for immediate analysis. VHE Distiller transforms the Webtrends file to enable re-marketing to key visitors and the ability to extract data for use in other internal applications.

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