Log Scrubber – Greater Accuracy and Efficiency for Log File Reporting

Log Scrubber efficiently eliminates unwanted entries in log files and delivers significantly more accurate results for web traffic activity.

Log Scrubber is for you if…

  • Your analytics accuracy is compromised because of unwanted log file entries
  • Your web server log files take too long to process
  • Your web server log files are large and difficult to manage and store
  • Your web analytics licensing is inflated due to unwanted log file entries

Your Challenge

Many organizations process standard web server log files to gain insight into web traffic activity. However, these results are often inaccurate and can be skewed by values found in log files that are not really visitors. Potentially misleading or skewing entries include such things as robots, spiders, and default home pages set by companies and their employees. Robot and spider traffic is a common problem for clients processing log files and often accounts for 30 to 40% of all entries. Other unwanted entries include search appliances, images, and routine requests from services checking the health of the website.

All of these entries can influence the accuracy of web site activity reports. Furthermore, many companies use web analytics software that charges for page views processed, regardless of whether they are from automated or human sources. While filtering out these entries from log files is possible from the web analytics tool, doing so is inefficient and in many cases counts toward page view licensing.

Our Solution

Log Scrubber offers the ability to remove unwanted entries before analysis, which optimizes your web server logs for faster processing and delivers more accurate results. To ensure correct report interpretation and avoid skewed numbers, these entries need to be removed before being processed by web analytics software. The use of Log Scrubber also ensures that you will not be charged for page views from automated sources.

Log Scrubber capabilities include:

  • Centralized and easy to manage configuration
  • Ability to scrub multiple log files simultaneously
  • Ability to process entire directory trees of multiple servers
  • Robust logging of actions and results for tracing and debugging purposes
  • Designed to be run as an automated process to allow you to “set it and forget it”

Support and Upgrades: All minor upgrades and patches are complimentary. Major upgrades can be purchased at a reduced cost. Technical support consists of resolving bugs or issues. Fee-based professional services are available for advanced scrubbing or customization.

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