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Google Analytics may be easy to install, but obtaining full value from it can be challenging. In fact, most organizations are not deriving maximum benefit from this powerful tool. The reality is that Google Analytics requires constant management as site changes occur, pages are added and altered, and new campaigns are launched. Our mandate is to ensure your Google Analytics implementation is configured to deliver full value.

We are a Google Analytics Certified PartnerGA cert partner

Having successfully completed over 800 engagements, we understand web analytics! Our Certified Google Analytics consultants are second to none with unparalleled product expertise and many years of experience specializing in Google Analytics.

The payoff with web analytics is not in the creation of reports, but rather in their configuration and interpretation. Understanding website metrics and measures is simplified when you have a precise plan, and you know your website goals and related KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We facilitate this by using the KPI Karta®. Armed with the proper metrics, we can then help you assess what you should be tracking and how to interpret and react to those results.

Zero cost should not mean zero value.

Although Google Analytics is “free”, it offers many sophisticated features when fully integrated with Google AdWords™. Google Analytics can inform how people find your site, what they do, how many of them go on to convert and much more. You can gain rich insight into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more.

Our team of Google Analytics consultants can help you with implementation, training and support. All services are also available via our monthly retainer service: Management And Report Support (MARS). Whether you want a custom version of Google Analytics, or you want a professional firm to handle all of your web analytics activities, we can help. 

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