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Google Analytics may be easy to install, but configuring it to deliver the insight you need can be complex and time consuming, often requiring a specialized skill set. As a result, most organizations are not deriving maximum benefit from this powerful tool.

Harness the Power of Google Analytics!

With so many ways to slice, dice and report on data from Google Analytics, it can seem like an overwhelming task to identify which metrics will provide the most valuable information on how visitors find and interact with your website. We will help you harness the power of Google Analytics to positively impact your bottom line.

Google Analytics Certified PartnerGA cert partner

We REALLY understand Google Analytics! Unilytics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner with unparalleled expertise in digital analytics having successfully completed over 800 consulting engagements.

Our team of professional Google Analytics consultants can help you with strategic planning, custom installation, report configuration & interpretation, audits, training, management and support.

Our Approach

Unilytics consultants will evaluate your website – its architecture, customer interface, and transaction methods – and review your requirements. We will ensure you get full value from Google Analytics by helping you:

  • assess what you should be tracking and reporting on,
  • interpret the reports and
  • determine actions based on insights.

Report Configuration & Interpretation

The payoff with web analytics is not in the creation of reports but rather in report configuration and interpretation. To gain real value from the innumerable website metrics and measures, you need a precise plan.

Our Google Analytics experts will guide you through the development of a strategic plan, and the identification of website goals and related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We will facilitate this by using Unilytics’ proprietary KPI Karta® methodology. We will then make certain the identified metrics (KPIs) are tracked and will help you interpret and react to those results.

Google Analytics Audit

Our comprehensive Google Analytics audit will ensure that you can fully trust the data you are capturing and basing decisions on.

Zero cost should not mean zero value!

Although Google Analytics is “free”, it offers many sophisticated features, especially when fully integrated with Google AdWords™. We can help you can gain rich insight into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more.

Advanced Google Analytics Consulting Services. Learn more…

Monthly Retainer Service

All services are also available via our monthly retainer service: Management And Report Support (MARS). Whether you want a custom version of Google Analytics, or you want a professional firm to handle your ongoing web analytics activities, we can help.

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