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August 2, 2012


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New SiteCatalyst Metrics

Another long-standing small annoyance was smoothed out in the May 31 SiteCatalyst maintenance release.

Adobe has implemented some new metrics for SiteCatalyst reports:

  • Bounce Rate (Single Page Visits / Total Visits)
  • Bounces (Single Page Visits)
  • Entries and Exits
  • Total Time Spent

(Traditionally Bounce Rate had to be set up as a calculated metric.)

These metrics are now available in almost all traffic and conversion reports – details are here.

Why This Is Important

These metrics enable new analysis like Product bounce rates, Campaign bounce rates (put plainly: users clicked, barfed and left), etc. Engagement analysis is now easier than ever:

  • Campaign bounce rates indicate which campaigns are stickiest (very helpful for content-based sites)
  • Total Time Spent can now be used in the calculated metrics Average Time Spent per Visitor, Average Time Spent per Video Start, etc.

Using these sorts of metrics will give you a much, much clearer picture of which Site Sections, Campaigns, Navigation links, content merchandising positions, etc. are most effective at giving your visitors what they want and keeping them engaged with it.

Since these metrics are available in most reports, this is functionality well beyond what Google Analytics can do. If you’re using Google, now may be a good time to have a look at the value you’re getting from the tool and have a second look at an Adobe solution.

Sidenote:  Adobe published instructions for creating the calculated metric “weighted bounce rate” on the Digital Marketing blog.  This is useful for cases where important pages (ex. site home page) get buried in standard Bounce Rate reporting, which tends to focus on unimportant and low-traffic pages.  Bounce Rate is often over-valued or misunderstood so refining it into Weighted Bounce Rate provides a bit of focus.

Unilytics Consulting has a depth of experience working with advanced analysis techniques (including Weighted Bounce Rate and similar KPIs) to save costs, boost revenue and improve the user experience with our clients’ websites and intranet sites.

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