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Tableau Data Visualization & Dashboards Seminar

November 10, 2015. Toronto. Agenda: 5 Must Dos BEFORE Creating Dashboards, Advantages and Tricks to Data Preparation, Tableau Demonstration, What’s New in Tableau 9.1.

Data Marketing 2014 Conference & Exhibition

December 10 – 11, 2014, Toronto. Data Marketing 2014 provides educational content and a strategic road map for marketing professionals who desire to make sense of their data and start developing a real competitive advantage, hence, allowing them to thrive in this ever-growing market.

Tableau Data Visualization & Dashboards Seminar

November 13, 2014. Toronto. Agenda: visualization techniques, data integration, Canada specific geography, publishing dashboards for other business users, how to be less dependent on external resources and more!

Webinar: Demonstration – Creating Dashboards Using Tableau

Recorded April 9, 2014. This webinar provides a step by step demonstration on how to create data visualizations and dashboards using Tableau software. View here…

DX3 Canada 2014

DX3 Canada, held March 5-6, 2014 in Toronto, is Canada’s largest conference and trade show devoted to digital where brilliant minds will make the case for the most important areas of the digital marketing, advertising and the retail landscape.

Data Visualization & Dashboard Seminar

February 27, 2014, Toronto. Learn how to strategically communicate visualization techniques in the most effective way possible, integrate multiple data sets, and stop relying heavily on IT with Tableau’s self-serve data visualization technology.

Webinar: How to Create KPIs that Drive Results

Recorded January 22, 2014. In this webinar, we detail a methodology to create KPIs that are actionable, require NO further interpretation and immediately inform how you are doing. View here…

Data Marketing 2013 Conference & Exhibition

December 9-10, 2013. The market’s most innovative experts on how to drive an integrated approach to harness customer data. Unilytics president, Peder Enhorning, shared his expertise on Metrics that Drive Visualizations for Better Insights during his session.

Data Visualization & Dashboard Seminar

Featuring Tableau, October 24, 2013, Toronto.

Webinar: Custom Geolocation Dashboards

In this webinar, Eric Tobias, Unilytics VP Business Intelligence, demonstrates how to combine custom geographic data with business and demographic data for dashboard visualizations that lead to rapid identification of key insights!  View here.

Webinar: Dashboards for Google Adwords

Recorded August 21, 2013. In this webinar, Eric Tobias, Unilytics VP Business Intelligence, demonstrates how to optimize your AdWords investment using dashboards that provide rapid and actionable insight. View here.

Webinar: Creating an Effective Dashboard

Recorded July 24, 2013. Learn about visualization tips to make your dashboards actionable and effective. View here.

Tableau 8 Roadshow
April 30, 2013, 10:30am EDT, Toronto. Tableau 8 has more than 100 new features! 

Webinar: Mind Blowing Dashboards

Learn how to transform your data into dashboards with  actionable insights. View here!

Webinar – Report Interpretation Drives Digital Optimization

Webinar: see real world demonstrations of skilled report interpretation that lead to digital optimization and greater return on your digital analytics investment! View Here

Webinar – A Step by Step Approach to Actionable KPIs

Learn How Well Designed KPI’s Immediately Inform How Your Website is Performing. This webinar presents a real world methodology to build relevant KPIs that provide direct feedback on the success of your website and organization.Recorded May 30, 2012. View here!

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