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Upcoming in Toronto – Tableau Essentials Classroom Training

January 3-4, 2018

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Tableau Training – Customized, On-site, Hands-on


We maximize the impact of Tableau training sessions by customizing the training to make sure we cover the topics that are most relevant to you and your business. This is accomplished by reviewing your data and your Tableau dashboards (if available) before the class. We also encourage trainees to bring examples and challenges to the class. This is not a class-room session where the content is stagnant. All courses include extensive hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge learned.

Unilytics earns top rated reviews for Tableau Training Classes and a client satisfaction rating of 94%!

Tableau Courses

We offer a variety Tableau Training options. We can customize the curriculum specifically for your group based on an assessment of your data, your Tableau dashboard requirements, your group’s skill level, and your training goals.

Tableau Essentials Training (2 days)

This course will introduce you to the basic features and functions of Tableau. It is ideal for new to moderately experienced Tableau users. You’ll gain fundamental skills to visualize your data, use a wide variety of visual types, connect to data, create basic calculations, build interactive dashboards, share visualizations, and more! No prerequisite experience is needed, and no technical or analytical background is required.

Tableau Essentials PLUS Training (3 days)

This course combines aspects from both Essentials and Master training. Precise content is decided upon by the client.

Tableau Master Training (2 days)

This is an advanced course for experienced Tableau users who want to enhance their basic skills. We will do deep dives into the nine different types of filters in Tableau; advanced table calculations; dynamic, multi-level sets; level of detail expressions, custom mapping, and multi-pass table calculations. We perform various hands-on exercises in each topic and learn the specific techniques required to achieve them. You can then use these skills to reduce the amount of work you have to do when building complex, dynamic visuals.

Once you complete this course you can build layered, highly-targeted filters, perform affiliate analysis, and have a thorough understanding of advanced table calculations and techniques for understanding and debugging them when they break. This course is designed for those with a thorough understanding of Tableau under their belts.

Tableau Visualization Best Practices (2 days)

This course is designed to ensure business analysts have a basic understanding of Tableau, know how to define requirements for new dashboards and specific best practices for dashboard performance, visualization, and dissemination. This course is built on Unilytics’ UD3 methodology and walks through requirements gathering to dashboard creation.

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