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Since the London games just finished, you’ll have to excuse the sporting references. Who’s the fastest man in the world? Well, it depends. Over 100 and 200 meters it’s obviously Usain Bolt. But lengthen the track or throw in some hurdles and you’ll have a different winner. Same applies for web analytics.

Not all products made it to the Web Olympics final. In our “competition”, we opted to look at Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics and Webtrends (jump to comparison matrix below). Combined, they enjoy by far the largest market share, and Unilytics is certified in all three so we are very familiar with them. Each of these three main products has special strengths and weaknesses. We have tried to make this analysis as unbiased and vendor neutral as possible. In all cases, Unilytics consulting recommends whichever solution best fits our clients’ needs.


Web analytics should begin with a plan. Unfortunately, most don’t. And the plan should start by answering the most basic of questions; why do we have a web site?

All web sites can be categorized as having one of two objectives; either to make money or to save money. Sites which make money are not only those in which shopping carts are presented. Rather, any site involved in the promotion of products or services have as their underlying purpose to increase brand awareness and encourage purchases on or offline.

Sites which attempt to make money include:

  • lead generation
  • brand awareness
  • eCommerce
  • Social networking
  • Entertainment

Conversely, sites which attempt to save money are those which encourage self-service. It decreases corporate costs if web visitors can successfully download a document, register for assistance or fill in an online form rather than contacting a toll-free number and asking for the same to be done or mailed out.

Sites which attempt to save money include:

  • >Customer education
  • Self-service
  • Customer service
  • Informational
  • Intranet

Understanding the objective of your site allows you to construct and establish key performance indicators (KPI) you need to track. Studying raw web analytics reports is meaningless.

Measures, which illustrate visitor behaviour and traffic volumes, are not indicators of web site success. Reports showing page views, most popular pages and visitor traffic do not indicate whether a site is performing well or not. No organization, with the possible exception of media firms, should fundamentally care if page views and visitor numbers increase. To extract real meaning from increases in raw numbers like page views or visitors it must be put into some context. That’s where KPIs come in.

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Unilytics at eMetrics in San Jose – new blog #emetrics

Unilytics is an offcial Emetrics sponsor

Unilytics is an offcial eMetrics sponsor

As we plan to exhibit at eMetrics in San Jose, May 5 6 and 7, I felt it was great time to introduce you to our new blog! Yes, there are lots of them out there already and we are not early to write one, but we plan to offer relevancy about our industry and company. And there’s much to talk about.

Unilytics has been in the web analytics business since 2001 and we have seen enormous change. Perhaps the biggest difference is what firms are beginning to do with analytics. And how it’s being incorporated into other corporate data silos.

It’s often not enough to understand what visitors to your web site are doing, but how else are they interacting with your company? Via customer support, in-store purchases and yes, also blogging. And they are all intricately intertwined. As your web self-service portal improves a relative drop in call center requests should be observed. An old boss of mine used to say “in technology, if you stand still for six months, you’re dead“. For the upcoming eMetrics show, we have completely changed our booth to reflect our new message, which is that incorporating other systems and their data into what web analytics provides is the key. That means tying together CRM, email marketing, call-center data and how coupons printed from the web are redeemed in stores so you get the full picture of what your customers are doing and what they need.

Unilytics is an official WebTrends partner

Unilytics is an official WebTrends partner

We are of course a huge proponent of WebTrends and are pleased to see their renewed focus on making it easier to get access to the underlying data used to create all reports. This is going to create fantastic opportunities for clients as they become better aware of all aspects and needs of their web visitors.

Peder Enhorning, President Unilytics Corporation.