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Google Analytics has unleashed Multi-Channel Funnels in the new GA interface! This highly anticipated feature was released to the public through the latest interface on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. If you don’t see the reports, you may still be using the old interface and will need to click on “New Version” at the top right corner (to the left of your email address) to access the new interface and Multi-Channel Funnels.

What are Multi-Channel Funnels?

Multi-Channel Funnels (MCFs) are new reports that allow you to see the touch points a visitor has made along the way to a conversion. This report shows the conversion path of that visitor in the 30 days prior to conversion. The MCF reports were created to give marketers more insight into how each channel contributes to the end goal.


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The one-size fits all approach to evaluating social media efforts is broken. Most products focus on aggregating raw numerical data such as followers, fans, mentions (volume) and click activity. These numbers in isolation are misleading and do not help you evaluate or properly justify your social marketing spend.

Since it’s important to better understand where social efforts are succeeding, web analytics must focus on tying those social media interactions to actual business value. Business value would relate to interactions that are significant and related to your business needs. (See: Unilytics KPI Karta for information about building well designed Key Performance Indicators that will provide feedback directly related to your business needs and goals.) How can we identify and segment the raw numerical data for social media and derive real value?