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Thanks to all who joined us for yet another exciting analytics seminar in Ottawa! Our customers have asked us for a while now to do another one of these educational sessions; the last one we did was 18 months ago but with software development schedules, a full consulting calendar and other attention grabbing tasks we just didn’t have the time.

The good news for our attendees is we amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge in digital analytics and we were able to impart that to them. The good news for us is that we got to meet a lot of very passionate people and a highly mature audience about analytics. Analytics is growing! Our talk included an overview of the state of web analytics, log file management, SharePoint analytics, improving 1:1 marketing, social and a demo of Webtrends 10. We also discussed automated dashboards and that still grabs all analytics producer’s ears; the need to automate the collection of data from disparate sources and significantly, view all analytics KPIs in one place so they can determine how well (or not) their digital marketing is performing within 30-60s is heavily sought after. And we have an app for that!

Thanks as well to the great questions like Kerry from Irdeto who inquired about social media tracking and strategy– that continues to be a prominent topic. With a new focus on social and mobile, Webtrends 10 will allow for greater social measurement of Facebook such as tracking for pages; enhanced measurement for FB apps; and complete data from Facebook API. Now all you have to worry about is the strategy for which we can offer some helpful ideas about. On the mobile side v10 will measure and compare apps and mobile sites on all mobile platforms with plans for iTunes App Store download reporting.

We’ll be in Toronto on May 26th delivering the same talk so if you are in the area please feel free to join us: http://www.unilytics.com/seminar2011.shtml and if you are not let us know and we’ll send you the slides. Also, we’ll be tweeting from the seminar so check that out (@Unilytics) and feel free to send us your questions!

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I had a great time at eMetrics last week for their annual Toronto Marketing Optimization Summit.  Meeting new people and hearing their issues/challenges really provided some perspective on the marketplace.  There was a lot of discussion on the usual topics including Social and Mobile Metrics, Managing Web Analytics, Site Optimization….and very importantly the food was exceptional especially the Mexican cuisine on Thursday!

During one of the lunches, an attendee named Kerri was relating to me how resonant our sprint – this is the 3 minute talk we delivered right after the keynote speech – was to her, and the way her organization treats web analytics.  In Peder’s sprint, he expounded upon the subpar job the whole industry has done in promoting web analytics tools by selling web analytics as Reporting Tools when they should always be presented as Optimization Tools.

Kerri elaborated that the culture of her company was built around reporting with little or no focus on optimization.  When I asked her what they did with all the valuable data from the reports, she countered with the insurmountable effort of having to read 50-page web analytics reports!  Of course, I was puzzled with their misuse of analytics and presumed that if no one is reading the reports then no one is making any business decisions with their analytics.  While they were dissatisfied with their analytics, they didn’t seem terribly interested in streamlining reports to reflect their exact business objectives and their eventual optimization.  After a conversation with her and her team yesterday, I think they might be on the right track….

Kerri certainly isn’t unique or just a small sample of what other organizations experience.  So what do other companies do about the mountains of useless data to uncover important gems hidden in all those reports?  I was surprised to learn that many web marketers were spending 3-4 days a month accumulating, managing and massaging the data to extract those nuggets of valuable analytics.  Now, think about what the true cost of that is for an organization in matter of 12 months. Let’s assume an average salary of $70k and divide that by the average of 260 work days/year = $270 per day.  Take $270 and multiply by 4, and you uncover that some organizations are spending $1,080 per month or about $13k organizing the reporting data to make sense of it!   Imagine, they could shift $10k to improving the design of their site, remarketing, delivering more self-service options, improving campaigns, being capable of making better and faster business decisions – or OPTIMIZATION!  How, do you ask?  Using customizable dashboards that incorporate web analytics data and information from other business repositories into dashboards can deliver management insight that is actionable.

Many of the attendees were very impressed with the demo of our dashboarding technology called Montage that addresses this specific issue.  If you would like to have a talk on your analytics or a quick demo of Montage, please feel free to drop me a line.

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