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Don’t fall into the trap of picking your KPIs because they are the ones used by others or on someone’s Top 10 KPI list. KPIs need to be consistent with your particular needs and always driven by your unique business goals. Claiming that the top 10 KPIs would be the same for everyone, is like saying “these are the top 10 winning lottery numbers”. They will always be different. (More…)

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When companies decide to track performance, they invariably begin by measuring results. That’s the wrong approach. Results only tell you what happened, not why. You can choose to measure either the results of your work or the actions that cause the results. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be reserved for tracking things that directly relate to specific actions or activities, not the final result. Revenue, profit and number of customers should not be used as KPIs. They are the result of many activities, so don’t identify particular actions to take.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of perspective. goalThe General Manager for a hockey club is interested in results which are measured in wins.The coach needs to make it happen and does that by doing the little things right. Players may be asked to back check more or block more shots, pass more, shoot more. All of these individual actions can be tracked and measured, and if they improve, a better result is likely to follow. rinkIt’s not guaranteed, but it’s better to focus on the activities rather than the end result. Wins are the KRIs (Key Results Indicators) and the actions are tracked with suitable KPIs. If you are meeting your KPIs, the wins will take care of themselves. (More…)

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Update: March 16, 2015

New! See KPI Karta – the best system to identify, define and track KPIs against corporate goals. Make better decisions, faster and easier.


Why Ontario’s Plan to Eliminate Homelessness is Hopeless

The Ontario provincial government has just stated that they plan to eliminate homelessness in Ontario! What a ridiculous statement. Do they really think voters and other observers will accept such a nebulous goal?

While this is an honourable commitment, it’s a hollow plan if it doesn’t set out what the level of the current problem is, by when it will be eliminated and by taking what action. And when asked, Deputy Premier Deb Matthews said that none of those are either known or would be shared. Perhaps it’s typical of a government that makes empty promises, but it’s frustrating to me as I want to see performance measured. A goal is meaningless if you don’t outline what actions you will take to accomplish it. It’s equally absurd to say, “We are going to end all wars”. By when and by doing what? (More…)

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Update: March 16, 2015

New! See KPI Karta – the best system to identify, define and track KPIs against corporate goals. Make better decisions, faster and easier.

Tracking business success is difficult. And most businesses make the mistake of measuring what has already happened instead of what influences those results. Setting personal, departmental or corporate goals is fundamental to most people, but measuring how we perform against those values is not enough. Just measuring high level results such as revenue or number of customers is a mistake because it doesn’Cause and Effect imaget answer how we got there and what should be done next.

Instead, we need to evaluate the Events that Caused those results. Certainly, we can conclude that if Revenue increased to meet our goal, we succeeded, but we don’t know what we did that caused it.

It’s much more effective to measure the actions your customers or prospects take than the end result. These actions include conversions of website visitors to paying customers and how well we are doing to influence that conversion. (More…)

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“Just find me something interesting about our data” is a request we often get. At which time, a smart data analyst should cringe. Collected data needs to be mined and evaluated before it will offer any value. And questions need to be properly framed to extract the right answers.

Big data

Data is being collected in multiple formats and more comprehensively than ever before. Information is gathered on customer interactions, corporate logistics, company performance, and internal and external communications. For some, “making sense of it all” and knowing how to extract value from multitudes of data can be intimidating. But Big Data should not be feared; it should be celebrated! Although there may be an overwhelming amount of information that can be difficult to analyze, if everything has been accurately collected, the answers are there to be found. Data offers the opportunity for enormous insight provided you know what to look for and how to present it. (More…)

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