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This paper explores how to establish proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the relationship those numbers must have with corporate goals. Implement these ideas for better business insights and performance measurement.

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Update: March 16, 2015

New! See KPI Karta – the best system to identify, define and track KPIs against corporate goals. Make better decisions, faster and easier.

Tracking business success is difficult. And most businesses make the mistake of measuring what has already happened instead of what influences those results. Setting personal, departmental or corporate goals is fundamental to most people, but measuring how we perform against those values is not enough. Just measuring high level results such as revenue or number of customers is a mistake because it doesn’Cause and Effect imaget answer how we got there and what should be done next.

Instead, we need to evaluate the Events that Caused those results. Certainly, we can conclude that if Revenue increased to meet our goal, we succeeded, but we don’t know what we did that caused it.

It’s much more effective to measure the actions your customers or prospects take than the end result. These actions include conversions of website visitors to paying customers and how well we are doing to influence that conversion. (More…)

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The new “gold” of the information age, data is arguably the most important natural resource of this century, and organizations Big-data-small-business-300x298of all sizes are challenged to optimize data to drive business. Business instincts and intuition are being augmented and increasingly replaced by data analysis as the drivers of success. Small – midsize businesses will never gain the edge they need without accessing and analyzing “Big Data”.

But What the Heck is “Big Data”?

The term “Big Data” may suggest it is exclusively applicable to enormous organizations and sound somewhat overwhelming. However, make no mistake; you don’t need to be a big organization to leverage the power of “Big Data”. Whether your revenues are $1 million or $100 billion, knowing how to manage and analyze data is unequivocally critical to success. (More…)

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Recorded January 22, 2014. In this webinar, Peder Enhorning details a methodology to create KPIs that are actionable, require NO further interpretation and immediately inform how you are doing.


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“Just find me something interesting about our data” is a request we often get. At which time, a smart data analyst should cringe. Collected data needs to be mined and evaluated before it will offer any value. And questions need to be properly framed to extract the right answers.

Big data

Data is being collected in multiple formats and more comprehensively than ever before. Information is gathered on customer interactions, corporate logistics, company performance, and internal and external communications. For some, “making sense of it all” and knowing how to extract value from multitudes of data can be intimidating. But Big Data should not be feared; it should be celebrated! Although there may be an overwhelming amount of information that can be difficult to analyze, if everything has been accurately collected, the answers are there to be found. Data offers the opportunity for enormous insight provided you know what to look for and how to present it. (More…)

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