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Peder 2:02 pm on Feb 10, 2016 Reply
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This year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant*, which shows the relative position of each challenger in the business intelligence and analytics space, again positions Tableau as a leader in an increasingly competitive market. For the fourth year in a row, Tableau is a leader and positioned highest in ability to execute.

Check out this interactive dashboard we have created that shows how suppliers have fared from 2010 to 2016. Click on the viz and then click a vendor circle to view historical performance.


Karen 2:02 pm on Feb 3, 2016 Reply
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2016 BI trendsWhat does the future hold for BI in 2016 and beyond? Here’s a look at 6 high impact trends that are changing the face of business intelligence and will give you an eye-opening look at what businesses should be leveraging in 2016. Continuing a pattern from previous years, 2016 will see the ongoing evolution of existing trends and usher in new concepts, as well. (More…)

Data visualization is an extremely effective way of highlighting and identifying outliers and trends. Data discovery is easy when dashboards are created to reveal new insights. But sometimes the dashboard designer focuses on aesthetics and creates something that doesn’t provide answers to our questions.

When you visualize data by designing a dashboard, you start with a blank canvass. Often, developers lose their way by designing to form rather than function. If the dashboard is to enlighten about business performance, it needs to answer the most commonly asked questions that the end-users have about the business. That means it needs to focus on the one or two metrics or measures that provide answers to your end-users. While the look of the dashboard is important, first and foremost it must deliver new insight. (More…)

Karen 2:11 am on Nov 10, 2015 Reply  

November 10, 2015. Toronto. Agenda: 5 Must Dos BEFORE Creating Dashboards, Advantages and Tricks to Data Preparation, Tableau Demonstration, What’s New in Tableau 9.1.

Eric 5:11 pm on Nov 3, 2015 Reply
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In the world of data visualization, a lot of focus is paid to the visualization tools themselves. Should I use a time-series visual, a scatter plot, or a heat map? What is the best way to visualize survey data? Can I export my dashboard to a PDF? These are perfectly valid questions, but as much, if not more, attention should be spent on what needs to occur BEFORE you even open up your visualization tool. Here are five of the most important pre-visualization considerations we recommend based on our extensive experience with data and visualization. (More…)

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