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Peder 2:10 pm on Oct 14, 2014 Reply
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Why Ontario’s Plan to Eliminate Homelessness is Hopeless

The Ontario provincial government has just stated that they plan to eliminate homelessness in Ontario! What a ridiculous statement. Do they really think voters and other observers will accept such a nebulous goal?

While this is an honourable commitment, it’s a hollow plan if it doesn’t set out what the level of the current problem is, by when it will be eliminated and by taking what action. And when asked, Deputy Premier Deb Matthews said that none of those are either known or would be shared. Perhaps it’s typical of a government that makes empty promises, but it’s frustrating to me as I want to see performance measured. A goal is meaningless if you don’t outline what actions you will take to accomplish it. It’s equally absurd to say, “We are going to end all wars”. By when and by doing what? (More…)

Karen 10:10 am on Oct 6, 2014 Reply
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The ever escalating hype on “business intelligence”, “analytics” and “big data” has made it very difficult to uncover the information that is truly valuable and useful. I recently came across a survey that provides what I consider to be pragmatic information if you are looking to upgrade, supplement or replace your Business Intelligence software, or purchase it for the first time.

BI buyer trend blog

The survey, conducted by BI researcher Software Advice among prospective Business Intelligence software buyers, provides insight that may assist your BI purchase decision such as: What’s trending in BI software? What are other BI software buyers looking for? Why are they looking for new BI software? What tools and features are at the top of their “must have” list? (More…)

Karen 11:08 am on Aug 25, 2014 Reply
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1.    Mobilize Your Data

mobile bi

The ability to mobilize BI data – to deliver real-time information via smart phones and tablets – will likely be the most significant contributor to improved BI adoption in 2014. Although the adoption rate for mobile BI is still relatively low, the rate is growing faster for mobile than for other technologies and has not nearly reached full potential. Gartner predicts that by 2015 mobile devices will be exclusively relied upon for insight delivery by over 50 percent of mobile BI users and will grow overall BI users by 20 percent.1 This is not really surprising considering that mobile BI provides significant benefits including: (More…)

Karen 10:07 am on Jul 11, 2014 Reply
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As a premier Tableau partner we’re really excited about the recent launch of Tableau 8.2.  If you haven’t already explored the many new capabilities across the Tableau product line, it’s definitely worthwhile! Here are some highlights:

Mac OS Version of Tableau Desktop

All you diehard Mac users can now enjoy the awesome capabilities of Tableau Desktop with the new Mac OS version. This leading business analytics and data visualization tool allows decision makers to discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimizing demands on IT staff.
Mac image
The most popular data sources will be available for the Mac version including Excel, text files, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, Vertica, Hadoop and Tableau Server data.

By the way, the Mac OS version of Tableau is now available for trial! If you have an existing licence for Tableau Desktop on Windows, it will allow you to use the Mac version. (More…)

Peder 7:07 pm on Jul 8, 2014 Reply
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Tracking business success is difficult. And most businesses make the mistake of measuring what has already happened instead of what influences those results. Setting personal, departmental or corporate goals is fundamental to most people, but measuring how we perform against those values is not enough. Just measuring high level results such as revenue or number of customers is a mistake because it doesn’Cause and Effect imaget answer how we got there and what should be done next.

Instead, we need to evaluate the Events that Caused those results. Certainly, we can conclude that if Revenue increased to meet our goal, we succeeded, but we don’t know what we did that caused it.

It’s much more effective to measure the actions your customers or prospects take than the end result. These actions include conversions of website visitors to paying customers and how well we are doing to influence that conversion. (More…)

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