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Eric 5:11 pm on Nov 3, 2015 Reply
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In the world of data visualization, a lot of focus is paid to the visualization tools themselves. Should I use a time-series visual, a scatter plot, or a heat map? What is the best way to visualize survey data? Can I export my dashboard to a PDF? These are perfectly valid questions, but as much, if not more, attention should be spent on what needs to occur BEFORE you even open up your visualization tool. Here are five of the most important pre-visualization considerations we recommend based on our extensive experience with data and visualization. (More…)

John Strykowski 2:09 pm on Sep 25, 2015 Reply  

What if you could look at the traffic for all your visitors? Specifically, how it relates to a particular campaign? It stands to reason you could gain a lot of insight from that data. The good news is it’s actually quite simple and I’ll show you how to make that happen but first let’s consider the “why.” (More…)

John Strykowski 7:09 pm on Sep 14, 2015 Reply  

Number One

A common request for marketers is to better understand their audience, web visitors and customers. But that’s tricky when Google Analytics (GA) doesn’t report on unique user information. The purpose of this blog post is to show you how this can be accomplished. We will expose you to concepts and functionalities which when implemented, will add a new way of segmenting some of your report data: by Unique Visitor ID. (More…)

Peder 12:09 pm on Sep 3, 2015 Reply
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Don’t fall into the trap of picking your KPIs because they are the ones used by others or on someone’s Top 10 KPI list. KPIs need to be consistent with your particular needs and always driven by your unique business goals. Claiming that the top 10 KPIs would be the same for everyone, is like saying “these are the top 10 winning lottery numbers”. They will always be different. (More…)

We’re almost halfway through 2015 – hard to believe – and the dynamic arena of business intelligence continues to advance. It’s the vendors that adapt better and faster to this evolving environment that will have the competitive edge. Similarly, the businesses that make the best choice of BI technology, that best fits their operation, will thrive and succeed. So let’s look at the “Big 10” business intelligence trends – the ones that are the most significant and prevalent so far in 2015…


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