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By all accounts, DX3 Canada 2014 held in Toronto on March 5 & 6 was a resounding success! Hailed as Canada’s largest digital marketing, advertising and retail event, this year’s event brought together some of the brightest thought leaders who inspired, connected and activated more than 4,000 attendees over two days. Attendees left with the knowledge, skills and passion to take their digital business to the next level. (More…)

Data visualization is an extremely effective way of highlighting and identifying outliers and trends. Data discovery is easy when dashboards are created to reveal new insights. But sometimes the dashboard designer focuses on aesthetics and creates something that doesn’t provide answers to our questions.

When you visualize data by designing a dashboard, you start with a blank canvass. Often, developers lose their way by designing to form rather than function. If the dashboard is to enlighten about business performance, it needs to answer the most commonly asked questions that the end-users have about the business. That means it needs to focus on the one or two metrics or measures that provide answers to your end-users. While the look of the dashboard is important, first and foremost it must deliver new insight. (More…)

Peder 3:01 pm on Jan 16, 2014 Reply
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Business users and organizations need the ability to quickly analyze their data to identify issues, causes, and opportunities for improvement. Once these analyses are identified, they need to be frequently monitored and distributed to others.

Traditional Business Intelligence just takes too long

With traditional business intelligence (BI), creating and maintaining effective analyses can take months to define and develop, and require expensive resources to maintain. And by the time they are created, the business situation will have likely evolved, potentially doing harm to the business and its customers. (More…)

Karen 3:12 pm on Dec 17, 2013 Reply
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We recently exhibited and presented at North America’s first DATA MARKETING Conference, held December 9 & 10, 2013 in Toronto. The conference provided a great opportunity to meet business leaders, network and exchange ideas on data-driven marketing. Our feedback revealed that attendees found the topics and discussions to be relevant, thought provoking and inspiring. DM booth1 (More…)

Peder 5:11 pm on Nov 29, 2013 Reply
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“Just find me something interesting about our data” is a request we often get. At which time, a smart data analyst should cringe. Collected data needs to be mined and evaluated before it will offer any value. And questions need to be properly framed to extract the right answers.

Big data

Data is being collected in multiple formats and more comprehensively than ever before. Information is gathered on customer interactions, corporate logistics, company performance, and internal and external communications. For some, “making sense of it all” and knowing how to extract value from multitudes of data can be intimidating. But Big Data should not be feared; it should be celebrated! Although there may be an overwhelming amount of information that can be difficult to analyze, if everything has been accurately collected, the answers are there to be found. Data offers the opportunity for enormous insight provided you know what to look for and how to present it. (More…)

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