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August 2, 2012


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Adobe Digital Marketing Suite Quarterly Update

Adobe has been extraordinarily active with updates to the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite over the second quarter 2012 on all fronts: product development, product usage optimization (new tips and techniques for solving business problems), and pushing forward on approaches to analytics in general. They’ve published 110+ blog posts just on the Digital Marketing blog, over April – June alone.

This blog post presents a few of the highlights and items that might be of particular interest for our clients and prospective clients.

Executive Summary

Adobe seems to be benefitting from the return of Ben Gaines as SiteCatalyst Product Manager by releasing a number of SiteCatalyst product improvements. Those improvements were mostly ironing out small annoyances and implementing suggestions from the Idea Exchange.

Adobe has also doubled-down on web and social measurement integrated with advertising optimization. This is the future of the Digital Marketing Suite. The features newly introduced and in development are in our view far and away beyond what any of the other vendors are doing.


  • Google Secure Search Updates
  • SiteCatalyst Version 15.3
  • New SiteCatalyst Metrics
  • SiteCatalyst Code Version H.24.4

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change over the last quarter may also be a good opportunity to take a comprehensive review of your analytics program.

Unilytics consulting services will ensure that the data you’re collecting still informs your business objectives and that the business is realizing maximum value from the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. Our training services ensure that all users understand the new platform and are able to use it to maximum advantage.

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