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Accounting programs such as Sage collect vast amounts of data on business performance. Yet, analyzing that data for meaningful insights is nearly impossible.

Visualizing financial data in a Tableau dashboard and combining it with data from other sources such as customer, marketing, and sales systems allows analysts and business stakeholders to better understand performance.

Customers tell us the reporting from Sage and other accounting packages is challenging:

  • There is very little drill-down available in reports to uncover the root cause of results
  • Fragmented data in a multitude of tables and fields makes identifying the correct values difficult for custom reporting
  • Tabular and cross-tab data is a very poor way to analyze data
  • All data isn’t in the financial system, but combining from other data systems is very difficult

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Tableau Software and Unilytics offer the following advantages:

  • Highest customer satisfaction as rated by Gartner
  • Best user experience to create ad-hoc analysis, reports, and dashboards
  • We can help bring data together from different sources and prepare that data for visualization
  • We can help structure your financial data to maximize insights gained in finished dashboards
  • Self-service analytics with very little IT involvement (IT doesn’t have to be your report-generator!)
  • You can start small. Try, test, and learn what Tableau can do for your business.

Improve Financial Reporting:

Many organizations want better reporting than what’s possible from Sage and other financial systems. We can help you build a data mart or a complete data warehouse as seen in Option A, by combining state-of-the-art data integration and preparation tools.

Tableau can also produce data visuals directly from Sage data sources as in Option B. This flexibility delivers unprecedented analysis for business users by not insisting on a complex data structure for data discovery.

Unilytics can help release the data your systems are capturing and deliver actionable dashboards for improved decision-making. Learn more about our free Guided Evaluations.

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