“Unilytics really saved us on this project. We couldn’t have completed these dashboards without their Tableau and database expertise. It was an extremely complex project and they worked tirelessly to hit very tight deadlines. I am very grateful for their efforts and view the team as strong partners to our success.”

Sam Florio, Chief Financial Officer, M&M Meat Shops


“The Tableau training Unilytics provided to us was invaluable. It opened up a world of options that we didn’t know existed. Tableau has become a game-changing tool for our office and has helped us meet the demands of our stakeholders more efficiently.”

Joyce Bott, Institutional Analyst, Brock University


“Unilytics worked with us as a true partner to help us exceed the expectations of our clients in the area of interactive program reporting and analysis. Unilytics took the time to understand our clients’ business and what they needed to see in the reports they receive. The Unilytics team is really adaptable and inventive when providing solutions for some of the unique client requests we receive.”

Michael Booth, President, Axis Integrated

Axis logo-388

“On behalf of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Detachment, and my development team, I’d like to express my highest level of satisfaction. Our consulting engagement with Unilytics delivered exceptional technical knowledge while educating our staff on report interpretation and successful use of the tool. I look forward to future opportunities with your organization.”

Dominic Peralta, Senior Program Manager, US Navy

US Navy

“Having Unilytics to jump start us in building complicated custom reports, allowed us to quickly deliver the reports to the business and also allowed us to learn the various tricks and best practices at the same time. Unilytics was focused on delivering the objectives we defined at the beginning of the engagement, but also focused on transferring knowledge and helping us to stand on our own after they left. A 5 day engagement propelled us farther along than we had made it on our own in the previous 2 months.”

Matt Kasselman, Team Lead Union Pacific

Union Pacific

“I am very happy with the way things went over the two weeks Unilytics was here. Unilytics’ knowledge of web analytics beyond just installation of Web Trends was much appreciated. We have ended up with more functionality than expected. We hope to work with Unilytics in the future.”

Kyle Payne, BC Hydro

BC Hydro

“The pilot for the SDC (Smart Data Collector) implementation went very well. The users were very happy with what they’ve seen – new reports generated based on new SDC files. I have been especially pleased with the way your organization meets its delivery commitments. You plan projects well and consistently meet planned delivery dates. Unilytics did a great job for Canon, thank you.”

Catalin Codreanu, Senior E-Business Support Developer (Information Technology)

Canon Canada

“Our recent Unilytics consulting engagement was something we should have done as soon as we launched our new website. In two short days we implemented numerous new features and custom reports. The information now being reported is providing a new level of insight into how our website is being used. This information will help us improve the customer experience and drive sales.”

Lonnie Smith, MIS Project Manager Startech.com


“I’m really glad we are going with Unilytics! The meeting today was AMAZING!!! Everyone found it extremely valuable and I and my co-workers are really excited about moving forward. I think this is going to not only make my life so much better but be invaluable for my company.”

Glen Farrelly, Web Producer Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)


“Of all the seminars I have attended, I would have to say that I felt I got my money’s worth (and I can be pretty picky), so thank-you very much!”

Avra Lamey, Marketing Communications Certicom


“Unilytics consultants were able to help our key decision makers better understand the roll web analytics could play throughout our organization. By demystifying and clarifying this emerging technology, our Unilytics experience has allowed us to put in place a straightforward analytics action plan that allows us to continuously improve the user experience for our more than 4 million monthly on-line users.”

Hugh Owen, President Owen Media Partners


“Rogers has used Unilytics for WebTrends product support, sales and consulting services for many years and I have personally worked with Unilytics for the last two years. We are happy with the service they have provided to us and are pleased to serve as a reference.”

Will Greer, Director IT – Implementation, Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications

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