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We specialize in transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information by leveraging our profound understanding of IT systems, data and visualization.

We provide clients with a choice of leading business intelligence tools:




Tableau Software

Customized Tableau Dashboards
Our experts create custom dashboards that allow decision makers to discover and act on new insights quickly – while minimizing demands on IT staff.

Tableau empowers the Royal Bank to produce 5 times the reports with 1/3 the staff! Learn more…

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Digital Analytics

Consulting and training by Unilytics professionals ensures full value is obtained from your digital analytics tool.   We are masters in digital marketing optimization with expertise in:  

White Paper: KPIs and the Logic of Decision Making. Produced by KPI Karta – an innovative new system that enables users to create and manage key metrics to better understand business performance.

Introducing Tableau 9.0 – Smart Meets Fast. The latest release from Tableau delivers new capabilities that make answering questions about data easier and faster. Download the Tableau Desktop 14 Day Free Trial now and see for yourself!

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